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Agricultural Law

Our attorneys understand that agriculture is the backbone of our region’s economy. We also understand that today’s farms are complex enterprises and that today’s farmer is a skilled businessperson.

Our attorneys have experience representing farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, and manufacturers of agricultural products. Our broad experience includes:

Product Liability Claims Involving Agricultural Products

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in products liability cases that involve agricultural products, machinery, and equipment. Products liability cases are often highly technical. When representing defendants in product liability cases, our attorneys effectively investigate the facts to determine whether other entities are responsible. In our products liability defense practice, we take pride in our ability to offer high-quality representation on a cost-effective basis. We handle cases for defendants throughout Southeast Missouri and the surrounding region, and we know how to effectively present a case to jurors in our region.

Estate Planning for Farm Families

Proper estate planning is essential for today’s farmers and their families. Farm families invest lifetimes – even generations – in establishing and growing their family’s business and way of life. At Osburn, Hine & Yates, LLC, we will evaluate your assets, goals, and family situation and offer you a variety of strategies for passing on your farm to the next generation. We offer advice to our clients on how to reduce federal estate tax liability and plan for the payment of estate taxes.

Land Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes farmers become involved in disputes over real estate matters. We have significant experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants real estate lawsuits. Our broad knowledge of real estate law gives us the ability to effectively represent our clients in a cost-effective way. We regularly represent clients in breach of contract actions involving real estate. Our team also handles boundary disputes, issues involving easements, trespass actions, partition cases, and a variety of other real estate issues.

Farm Incorporation and Reorganization

Even as farming becomes more complex and requires substantial investment with each new crop, many of today’s farmers still operate as partnerships and sole proprietorships. In many cases, the formation of a corporation or limited liability company, or the reorganization of an existing entity, would provide a tremendous benefit and extra protection for farmers, their families, and their personal or “non-farm” assets. Our attorneys evaluate our clients’ goals, family situations, and assets on a case-by-case, individualized basis and provide unique, personalized business advice to each client. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating or reorganizing your farm business, and work hard to craft a solution to meet your family’s needs.

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