Real Estate

Osburn, Hine & Yates, LLC routinely represents clients in real estate transactions. We also help clients who are involved in disputes over real estate matters. Our broad range of experience includes:

Real Estate Contracts

Individuals and businesses entering into real estate transactions need quality legal representation to protect their interests. Our attorneys have great skill in negotiating the terms of real estate deals and in advising our clients of all issues they should be aware of before signing a contract. A buyer of real estate should insist on certain contractual terms and conditions. A seller should require other terms and conditions. We strive to negotiate contract terms that will place our clients in the strongest possible position and reduce or eliminate the chances of a dispute after the contract has been signed.

Real Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes individuals or businesses become involved in disputes over real estate matters. We have significant experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in real estate lawsuits. A broad knowledge of real estate law gives us the ability to effectively represent our clients in a cost-effective way. We regularly represent clients in breach of contract actions involving real estate, boundary disputes, issues involving easements, trespass actions, matters involving restrictive covenants, partition cases, and a variety of other real estate issues.

Construction Disputes

We have extensive experience in representing individuals and businesses in construction disputes, utilizing experts from a variety of construction fields to advocate for our clients. These cases range from contract disputes over the price of construction labor and materials to claims of defective workmanship. Our attorneys have experience in representing property owners in actions against contractors and we also defend contractors in such cases. The fact that we regularly handle both sides of these cases provides our team with a broad perspective that results in more effective representation.

Mold Litigation

Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience in handling cases involving damage caused by mold. We have represented homeowners whose homes have become infested by mold as a result of construction defects and have also defended builders and contractors against such claims. In handling mold litigation, our attorneys utilize top experts, including mold remediation professionals, in representing our clients.


We regularly represent both landlords and tenants in disputes relating to commercial and residential leases. When a tenant fails to pay his or her rent, we strive to remove them from the premises in as efficient manner as possible. In the commercial setting, we have defended businesses that have been involved in disputes with their landlords.

Our attorneys have significant experience in drafting commercial and residential leases in a manner to best protect our clients’ interests. We have a broad knowledge of real estate law that prepares us to know what types of clauses and provisions are necessary in a lease agreement.

The OHY Difference

Individuals and businesses seeking an attorney in a real estate matter need quality representation in a cost-effective manner. In representing our clients, we take pride in our ability to effectively represent our clients in a way that makes business sense for them. Our broad experience in handing these types of cases on both sides provides us with an understanding of the law that results in more efficient and cost-effective representation.

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