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The attorneys at Osburn, Hine & Yates, LLC have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex cases, involving multiple parties, in state and federal courts. For example, our attorneys have significant experience in overseeing and coordinating with the nationwide defense of product liability claims involving several thousand individual plaintiffs.

Our team has great ability in identifying, evaluating, and preparing expert witnesses to testify on behalf of our clients at trial. Knowledgeable, honest, and articulate experts are often essential to our clients’ cases. These experts evaluate complex data and records, thoroughly evaluate the facts, and provide the jury with a simple and honest assessment of the case. We utilize experts who are adept at educating the jury in a manner that is persuasive, honest, and easy to follow.

In today’s technologically-driven society, jurors are accustomed to receiving information through television, computers, and other visual media. While the spoken word still persuades, we believe that words are most persuasive when combined with images, videos, enlarged documents, and other graphics or models. Visual evidence can both persuade and distract, so our attorneys work to find the right balance to most effectively communicate our client’s case.

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